About Uwe Mengel

Director, Writer

Biographical Notes:

Uwe Mengel was born in Bergen/Ruegen, a city on an Baltic Island.  He studied Theology at „Friedrich Schiller Universitaet“, Jena, East Germany.  After his escape to West Germany, he continued his studies at „Freie Universitaet“ Berlin-West and „Max Reinhardt Seminar“ in Vienna. He graduated (MA) in Drama, Theology and Philosophy.  In 1980 he emigrated to New York and since 1998 he lives in Berlin and New York.

Uwe Mengel began writing and directing interactive cross- media projects in East Germany, among them the performance „Verein zur Verbreitung des Erdflachheitsgedankens“ („Association for the dissemination of the notion that the earth is flat“) which was banned after the first showing. He created performances all over New York, from empty store fronts  in the South Bronx, to the Whitney Museum of American Art, to a landfill on the Hudson River, all the way to Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan.

He created his unique participative performances at many Theater Festivals, like Melbourne/ Australia; Zuerich/Switzerland; Berlin/Germany; San Antonio/ Texas. For German radio and TV he wrote and directed award winning radio plays, as well as TV documentaries.

He was invited for lectures and workshops at: „Columbia University“, New York; „New York University“, New York;  „Freie Universität“, Berlin;  „Monash University“, Melbourne; „International Sommer Academy“, Frankfurt/Main;  „International Theater Institute“, Switzerland;  „Goethe University“, Frankfurt/Main;  Summer Academy of the “National Theater of Greece”, Athen;  Hochschule für Schauspielkunst  „Ernst Busch“, Berlin.