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Lifeline – Participative Performance

Participative Performance, created and directed by Uwe Mengel
Presented by „Melbourne Festival“ , Melbourne 2002
A whisper, side-way glances, conflicting stories, uncovered secrets.
Welcome to LIFELINE.
A young woman lays motionless in a pool of blood. Four characters intimately connected to her life sit and await your questions. One of them is the murderer, who openly admits to the killing.

Created and Directed by Uwe Mengel

Vanessa Case as Claire Taylor
Ming-Zou Hii as Li Ling Baines
Hamish Michael as Ryan Winter
Eva Parkin as Stella Sanderson
Kathleen Murphy as Zhen Ling Baines

Designed by Amelia Attrill, Ellen Pan, Lucilla Smith (Students from Bachelor of Interior Architecture course, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University)
Project Coordinator Sherridan Green
Technical Support Rob Last
Technical Assistent Leonie Goodwin
Secondee Victorian College of the Arts
Risk Management Bill Colby

RealTime: Lifeline, Dez 2002
TheAge: Murder they wrote, Oct.21,2002
Robyn Archer’s Whisper Number 3, Melbourne 2002: A Continuing Series of Sneak Peaks at the Festival

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